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DigitalX Ltd (DCC.ASX) is Australia's only ASX-Listed Bitcoin and digital asset funds management business. Our team of experienced finance professionals and digital asset specialists have a 7-year track record of securely managing Bitcoin and digital assets for wholesale clients.

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Asset Reference Token Fund

Providing wholesale investors with simplified access to a diversified portfolio of real-world asset tokens, including an investment pool offering fractional co-ownership of Australian residential properties.



Digital Asset Fund

An actively managed portfolio predominantly comprising liquid digital assets within the market’s Top 20 assets by market capitalisation, focused on growth, utility and long-term sustainability.



Bitcoin Fund

Take a passive buy-and-hold investment strategy to benefit from economies of scale with institutional custody, insurance and independent administration sevices in a cost-effective unit trust structure.



Fund Partners

Backed by experienced Digital Asset Funds management, administration and custody partners.

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At DigitalX, it is our aim to keep things open and transparent and to give stakeholders as much information about investing in the sector as we can.