The DigitalX Asset Reference Token (DxART) Fund

Australia’s first funds management product that offers exposure to real world assets in digital token form, through the creation of digital (investible) twins for the real world assets.

The first underlying assets in the fund are a selection of fractionalised residential properties (the Housing Asset Reference Token (HxART) investment pool) that will drive strong financial returns for investors and help address the housing deposit affordability crisis for thousands of Australians.

Our investment strategy and process enables us to tokenise a range of asset classes, which will be made available for investor portfolios in the future.


  • The Fund aims to achieve the targeted rate of return of 9% p.a.
  • Investors hold both units in the Fund and their digital twin Asset Reference Tokens (ARTs)
  • The safety of a traditional financial and regulated structure while also embracing the opportunity of the new technology of asset tokenisation, blockchain and smart contracts
  • A diversified portfolio of real world assets
  • Low investment entry point opportunities

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