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DigitalX is an ASX listed company that provides qualified Australian investors with simple, secure access to Bitcoin and other digital assets through a traditional Fund structure.

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DigitalX Digital Asset Management

About the Fund Manager

DigitalX is an ASX-Listed dedicated Bitcoin and Digital Asset Fund manager with a 7-year pedigree of securely investing in and navigating the blockchain and digital asset ecosystem. DigitalX has been leading the path forward for institutional adoption of the sector within the Australian marketplace. DigitalX has secured institutional grade, independent investment partners to manage custody, administration, audit and act as trustee to ensure the interests of Fund investors are managed to the highest quality standard.

DigitalX is the only ASX-Listed company that holds Bitcoin as a core treasury asset and is an investor in both of the DigitalX Funds.

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Simple and secure

Experienced custody, administration and insurance through trusted industry providers.

A new asset in a traditional structure

Invest in bitcoin as a growing, global store of wealth through a familiar, wholesale Australian unit trust.

Backed by experience

Our investments management team consists of wealth management, superannuation and blockchain technology specialists with decades of experience.

Investment Thesis

DigitalX looks to identify and target the highest quality digital asset projects that will power the next generation of computing infrastructure. By doing so it is our objective to provide our investors with the type of exponential returns uniquely associated with high growth networks and early-stage technologies.

DigitalX believes that digital asset adoption will be led by digital native millennials, accelerated by continued instability in the global financial system, and backed by continued institutional adoption. We believe this investment class will provide unparalleled returns for DigitalX, as manager and as a significant investor in our Funds, as well as our investors who are placing their trust in our expertise.

The DigitalX Bitcoin Fund

The DigitalX Bitcoin Fund utilises the expertise of DigitalX Ltd and best-in-class professional service firms in the market. Investors receive titled and audited ownership of their Bitcoin exposure through a traditional unit trust.

The DigitalX Digital Asset Fund

The DigitalX Digital Asset Fund provides simplified access to liquid, large capitalisation digital assets with a combination of smart beta active investment selection as well as specialised digital asset management strategies.


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The performance of the Bitcoin and Digital Asset Funds has been exceptional.


Who is DigitalX

CPD Investor Presentation

DigitalX recognises that investing in a new asset class requires education. We have created the first digital assets investment presentation for financial advisors. This activity has been accredited for continuing professional development by the Financial Planning Association of Australia but does not constitute FPA’s endorsement of the activity.

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Fund Partners

Backed by experienced Digital Asset Funds management, administration and custody partners.

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